At Choice Psychiatry Medical Group, we believe in empowering our patients to regaining their strength and refining their abilities to manage stressors in life whether they are in personal or professional realm.

Our goal is to provide quality care in a therapeutic, private and confidential setting. Our evidenced based practice combines knowledge and experience to provide care to adolescents, adults and elderly.

Our treatment plans integrate latest research in psychopharmacology (medications) and Psychotherapy. We believe in a preventative approach to mental health issues and emphasize in early identification and management of symptoms in a timely manner.

We help our patients to establish goals customized to their day-to-day needs encompassing all areas of their lives. At Choice Psychiatry, we believe in integration of mind-body-spirit to achieve maximum wellness.

We wish you a healthy physical and emotional life. Look forward to working with you.

“Yes, we can help”

Our Team
Dr. Khaja
Dr. Ambarin Faizi